Clash of Clans Hack Cheat

Best iPhone & Android Gems Hack And Cheat For Clash Of Clans

Clash of clans is a well accepted iPad/iPhone/iPod/Android based game. It was released on August the 2nd 2012 on the iTunes, it also became available on the Google play store in October the 8th 2013. It was created by the company called “Supercell”. It is also fairly easy to learn yet quite difficult to master.

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If you don’t have time and money to invest into gem gathering, there is a perfect solution; it goes by the name of Clash of Clans hack No Survey cheat 2014 and you dont need survey to complete to get it. The hacks work well on ipad, iphone, mac and other devices and you don’t need to leave a password. To get Its main function is of course to grant you unlimited resources (or to be precise 999999, which is almost as good).


Clash of Clans is a strategic game where you develop your own village, create and ally with other clans, unlock gradually more powerful warriors, loot and pillage opposing villages and that is just beginning to describe what this game offers. And remember, you don’t have to be a Clash of Clans hacker, to master the game.

If you have played Clash of Clans before, you will realize just how tiring gem, elixir and gold collecting can be and you will probably welcome this hack cheat with open arms. But Clash of Clans hack free gems is not just about unlimited gems, it also consists of many other useful features, some of which include; Builders Cheat  2014 tool whit which you can upgrade your village almost instantly, Shield Hack iFunbox which makes you invulnerable for as long as you want, allows you to get unlimited coins and elixirs and this is also the first version that works without the cydia jailbreak.  And you have to agree with me, that gems are too expensive for a free game

So if you want to achieve godly stats without investing both time and money, Clash Of Clans hack iFunbox is just the right thing for you. Those of you who are already familiar with the Clash of Clans, can probably stop reading at this point. However, speaking from a gamer’s point of view, this is all totally unnecessary.


Clash of Clans is actually pretty well balanced game (although there is no such thing as 100 percent balanced game, not even chess) and as such a determined gamer will enjoy the hardships that the game presents. Okay so let’s talk a bit more specifically about the game itself; it is a game that truly excels as an online multiplayer game, it rewards good early game play and punishes players who ignore the metagame. Since for the first three in game days, you are protected by an invulnerable shield (if you do not break it by attacking someone) it is only logical to use it to build up your defenses. Why don’t you try Clash of Clans cheat that will enchance your gameplay even more?

In the early game your basic barbarians should overwhelm most of your opponents, as long as you deploy them in large enough numbers, the only thing you should watch for are the mortars, which can decimate your barbarians whit their splash damage, but fortunately they have a sizable blind spot, so with careful maneuvering you should be able to take them out without too many casualties. This however will cease to work in the later game, where you will have to choose your army much more carefully.


But I will let you discover those things on your own, as to not spoil your gaming experience. I wish you plenty of fun playing the Clash of Clans cheat our without :).

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